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We’ve written extensively about the growing popularity of online casinos among women. A wide spectrum of ladies from all sorts of backgrounds now enjoy a flutter and the gender gap is rapidly closing. The internet can take a lot of credit for that. Online casinos have introduced an entirely new audience to a range of casino games. Not to mention the raft of new casino no deposit offers. It’s not just women either. Plenty of men who would never have stepped foot inside a bricks and mortar casino now play prolifically from the comfort of their home or their convenience of a mobile device.

These developments have spawned more, including the appearance of online casinos aimed at specific communities. Tom’s Casino, the unabashed site created for the gay community is an obvious example, but casinos aimed at ‘women first’ are much more prevalent. They don’t ban men (that would be sexist) but their marketing is designed to encourage women to play – and play they do. But is this not just forced segregation?

Online Casinos For Women

Online casinos developed primarily for women are designed with good intentions I’m sure. But let’s not pretend that revenue isn’t a key driver too. The female market is now huge and those who tapped into it early stand to benefit significantly. You can understand why some of the biggest casino conglomerates in the market developed their ‘female’ casinos. Isn’t there something vaguely patronising about all this though? You’re unlikely to find an overtly ‘male first’ casino – of you’re not. Why, casinos are a natural habit for men anyway, so why would you need to advertise directly to them. By developing online casinos aimed at women only, are we not just reinforcing that view? Men can play wherever they like, but we’ll usher the women off to a side room so they can play together without causing any fuss.

Pretty in Pink?

If that view is a little cynical, the design of many of the women-first casino doesn’t exactly help the cause. You just know that they were conceptualised and designed – by and large – by men. ‘What colour she we use, boys?’. ‘Well, it’s got to be pink innit – and lots of it. Can we make it look fluffy’. I’m surprised they didn’t include a virtual tampon bin in the corner of some of them.
In fact, one of the casinos is so pink it’s called Pink Casino. How could it be more feminine? At least another of the original female first platforms, Maria Casino, has undergone some significant rebranding in recent years and left the pink behind in favour of a more sleek black and red colour scheme. Guess what boys? We’re quite happy to play at a normal online casino. You don’t have to layer on the fluff so that our little heads can process the fact we have permission to play.

The Real Wealth of Choice for Women

With all that said, it probably won’t surprise you that I don’t play at any of the women first online casinos. I’ve found nothing so scary at Casumo, Cashmio, Unibet or any of my other favourites that encourage me to run away screaming (if my high heels will allow me to do so of course) to a casino designed especially for me. Isn’t that the whole point too? If casinos really want to appeal to the other 50% of the world’s population, they don’t need to put some much thought into it. And i don’t mean just developing casino slot games like Butterfly Staxx Slot. We value the same attributes that men do. User experience, breadth of game choice, promotions, visuals, fast payments. We’re consumers just like them.

Some sites might do well to get rid of their old school images of scantily clad blondes beaming at the camera with a set of cards, admittedly. But treat us like players who just want to enjoy the online casino experience just like – you know – those hairy men. That’s how you’ll encourage us to play and reap the benefits as a result.

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