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My Puppy Review

Petting a dog is probably the best feeling for pet lovers. This game called My Puppy gives you the privilege to pet a dog and groom it according to your wishes. Love from animals is unconditional and priceless. Playing My Puppy would provide you the satisfaction and happiness of having and styling a pup of your own.

How to Play My Puppy?

Choose and groom your own little puppy while playing this game. This game is a bit different than the other animal games for girls. That is because, in this game, you get to choose your dog’s features too. There are a whole lot of options of the kind of face, eyes, and tail you want your dog to have.

Other than this, you can also choose the colour of your dog and further groom it and style with available accessories and stickers which would make your puppy the coolest one.

This game gives you almost a real-life experience of seeing your little pup already and pretty with that innocent, harmless face. The game keeps no restrictions to your imagination of how your dog would look. You can add the perfect amount of hair to its body and maintain its ears straight or loopy.

Not only this, some backgrounds are available for you to choose in front of which your final look of the puppy will be shown on the screen.

Play My Puppy

What’s Good About My Puppy?

  • Petting: The game allows you to groom and pet a little puppy of your own.
  • Options: The numbers of available options from which you can choose the look of your puppy are plenty. You can change and customize the features of your pup precisely the way you want.
  • Satisfaction: Loving and having the feeling of owning a puppy is extremely joyful and satisfactory. The game helps you build a relationship with the puppy, you groom.
  • Sceneries: The available backgrounds for the final look of the dog are many. You can view all of them and select the best suitable one for your puppy.
  • Minimalism: There’s no fussiness or complexity in the game. It is effortless and straightforward which makes it easy for the player to understand.

What’s Bad About My Puppy?

  • Music: There is no option to control the music or to stop it. It continuously plays throughout the game even if you don’t want it to.
  • Advertisement: If you leave the screen of the game for a while, it starts an advertisement again before you could resume the game.
  • Brusque: There isn’t a proper start or end to the game. It just abruptly starts with no introduction or instruction and ends once you click on the tick at the bottom right corner.

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