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Cooking Games Wedding Cake Review

The best part of attending a wedding function is its wedding cake. Our favourite amongst the girl cooking games, Wedding Cake gives you a chance to bake a wedding cake on your own. Cakes are a physical demonstration of immense joy and happiness. And a deliciously baked cake is remembered for ages. Thus, this game will tell you what all you need and how you’ll make a scrumptious cake for a wedding.

How to Play Wedding Cake?

This cooking game is mostly loved by the girls because Weddings and Cakes both are kinds of their all-time fantasy. Also, in the game, the whole picturization of the screen is within a beautiful frame of flowers with small heart-shaped love cards stuck at the sides.

While playing the game, the player comes across various sets of procedures involving different ingredients at each step. It shows a complete process of how the cake is to be made.

It’s even simpler to play because of the names of the ingredients written on them and an arrow guiding the player at every step. The instructions are also displayed at the top of the screen.

What adds more attraction in this game is the beating drum on the left top corner which controls the music being played in the background. It is a different and exciting presentation of a music control button.

What’s Good About Wedding Cake?

  • Relatable: The cooking games are even more popular as wedding cakes are an essential tradition of a wedding function, and everyone can relate to what kind of a wedding cake they like and want to make.
  • Learning: The detailed procedure helps the player understand and learn the complete making of the cake from scratch.
  • Comprehensive: the steps are displayed written in a space given above, and an arrow guides the player too.
  • Simplicity: The game has no complicated steps or levels. It is just a sweet and straightforward light game to spend some quality time.
  • Attractive: The player gets to bake as well as decorate the cake which makes it more exciting. Also, the whole presentation of the game on the screen is pretty and adorable.

What’s Bad About Wedding Cake?

  • Narrow: The game does not have much room for creativity. It does not give you any choices to make the cake your way or even decorate it the way you want.
  • Confined: There are no further levels in the game for a player to unlock or thrive for. It’s a slow and regular game that ends as soon as you finish decorating the cake.
  • Dull: The game has no thrill as it’s the same repetitive steps that you come across when you replay the game because no other option is available for you to choose.

Other Cooking Games

If you are a die hart baking fan, need not worry because you can play some other baking games available for you. Some of these include Monster High, Perfect Wedding, American Wedding, and Cooking Academy etc. All of these games would help you bake some interesting cakes of your choice and learn some good recipes.

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