Twins Of Fashion Review
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Twins Of Fashion Review

Heat up the fashion queen hiding inside of you to play the Twins Of Fashion game. You get a chance to play girl dress up games and style two beautiful and smart twins. The Twins Of Fashion will make you raise the bar by adding intense glamour and vogue to your models with a number of available styling options waiting for you.

How to Play Twins Of Fashion?

The game is played similarly like the other fashion and styling games. But here, you get to dress up not one but two identical twins in a number of graceful looks. Its one of the better super free slot games. While playing the game, you’ll come across an attractive looking game screen with a smart and tempting wardrobe filled with all that you would require looking the best.

Thus, you get to use the contents of that wardrobe and try different styles on your two models and make them ready to win the hearts of the fashion industry. You have a range of hairstyles, and colors, dresses, and accessories, bags, and footwear. You can select the best combination of colors and styles and make your models look their best. Throughout the game, you would feel highly energized with the pop music playing in the background. It would make you love your work even more. The game leaves no space to disappoint you craze for dress up and fashion and ensures that you get everything to satisfy you with the final look of your model.

What’s Good About Twins Of Fashion?

  • Simplicity: The game does not involve any kind of complexity in the steps and in the functioning. The whole game is pretty simple and clear.
  • Craze: The game helps you satiate the craze of dressing up a smart model into some glamorously fashionable clothes.
  • Twins: The game offers not one, but two identical twins. You have the job to be their chief stylist and to make them ready for the fashion industry.
  • Pop Music: The entertaining pop music of the game is something that would keep the player on toes. It brings out the enthusiasm and adds fun to the game.
  • Outlook: The screen set up for the game is extremely attractive and gives a perfect fashion store vide to the player.

What’s Bad About Twins Of Fashion?

  • Unclear: The accessories available in the wardrobe are very small in size and thus can’t be seen clearly.
  • Cluster: All the options are displayed together which makes them look messed up and especially the dresses can’t be seen properly.
  • Limited: The available options are limited as the player has to choose dresses, accessories etc. from the same wardrobe for both the models.

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