Shrimp Salad Review
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Shrimp Salad Review

This enjoyable cooking scatter slot games called Shrimp Salad is an amazing occupier for the girls. The game allows you to make your own Shrimp Salad by deep frying the delicious shrimps and adding them to healthy and tasty vegetables and sauces. This game is split into various parts which give you step by step guidance on how to make a perfect shrimp salad.

How to Play Shrimp Salad?

Online cooking games are one of the most popular online games played by girls. The Shrimp Salad game is yet another amazing game increasing the popularity of salad making and consumption in the girls.

Playing this game is very simple as throughout the game you are given step by step instructions in the image as well as written form. It allows the player to know and work with the ingredients of the salad. Chopping, slicing, blending, frying, and plating are done by the player through curser dragging and clicking.

There is a sound option available on the top right corner of the screen which would help the player to control the music while playing the game. Also, in case the player has some confusion or queries, there is a guide available as “How to Play” on the home screen of the game itself.

Shrimp Salad girls games

What’s Good About Shrimp Salad?

  • Different: The game offers a different learning style for girls. It involves them into an activity of their interest.
  • Creativity: Girls get to make their salad themselves thus creating and learning something now and attractive.
  • Food Appreciation: Learning how tasty food can be made using simple and healthy ingredients tend to bring in them the sense of appreciation and an eagerness to try the salad.
  • Techniques: The game offers a guiding arrow which tells the player that which vegetable is to be cut how. With this occurs an understanding and familiarity of vegetables amongst the players.
  • Recipe: With the step by step guide, you get to know the recipe to make a perfect shrimp salad online as well as in your kitchen.

What’s Bad about Shrimp Salad?

  • Limited: The game offers very limited features and options to play with.
  • Repetitive: The game does not have anything new other than making the same shrimp salad again and again.
  • Flash Player: The requirement of flash player can be a drawback as not all the devices have the feature installed in them.

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