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Secret Agent Dress Up Review

If you are really fond of apparels and love to dress yourself the most sophisticated clothes then Secret Agent Dress Up game is meant for you. Designed for people of all ages, the game is a test of your fashion sense. Secret Agent Dress Up offers you plenty of choices to dress the secret agent. The aim of the game is to dress the mysterious and adventurous secret agent in the right clothes for her job. There are various clothes and accessories available for you to choose from.  Everything depends on your imagination and there is no end to options available for it.

How to Play Secret Agent Dress Up?

Secret Agent Dress Up is an extremely easy game to play with a multitude of options to dress up the character as per your liking. At the center of the screen you will see the secret agent and on the right side of the screen, you will find options of dresses, apparels, and accessories such as hair wigs, vest, pant, dress, watch, shoes, belt, eyeglasses and a gun as well.  You have to click on the bullet present on both sides of the options and the change will be reflected in the secret agent. In each apparel and accessory, there are multiple options. For example, you can choose from six different types of hair wigs and same goes for other options as well.  Amongst other cool girl games available on the similar theme, this is by far the best game you will play because of many options, smart graphics, and ease of playing. Players will be absolutely delighted after playing this interesting game.

What’s Good About Secret Agent Dress Up?

  • Exciting Graphics: Graphics of the game are very crisp and clear making the game likable for players of all ages. The secret agent is designed in a manner that makes it look very close to reality.
  • Plenty of Options: There are plenty of options available for players to dress up the secret agent character. You can dress according to different according to different occasions such as party, spy mission, cowboy get together etc. There is no shortage of options for players in the game and this is what makes the game different from other similar games.
  • Improved Fashion Sense: Playing this game will surely improve your fashion sense which is why this game is played mostly by female players. You get to learn the combination of different outfits and accessories which you can try on yourself as well in real life.

What’s Bad About Secret Agent Dress Up?

  • The Absence of Levels: There is a dire absence of levels in the game. It is possible that player might stop playing the game because of lack of score and competition.
  • No Sound Effects: There are no sound effects in the game which dulls the entire gaming experience.
  • No Full Screen: You cannot play the game in full screen which is kind of annoying.

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