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Nails Makeover Review

Nails are undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets of a girl. Every girl spends considerable time in deciding the color and design of nail polish and often chooses color that is matching to her dress. Nails Makeover game gives you a platform where you can bring your fantasies come true and choose from a wide variety of colors and designs of nail polishes. Designed for girls of all ages, this game will provide you the opportunity to see how your nails would look with nail polish of different colors. This is a fairly easy game with an exciting and vibrant game play.

How to Play Nails Makeover?

Nails Makeover is an exciting game to play especially for those girls who are really fond of their nails and love to decorate those using nail polishes of different colors and designs. The game provides you multiple options of choosing from a wide range of colors. On the left side of the screen, you will see two hands and as you select the color, the color of nails will change accordingly. You can see the change in the color of nails in real time which makes this game unique and fun to play. Options are vast and there are different colors such as different shades of blue, green and pink. Some nail polishes are solid colored while others have glitters on them. Colors can be chosen using the mouse and upon clicking the desired color, the color of nails will change.

What’s Good About Nails Makeover?

  • Minimalist Graphics: The graphics of the game are decent and vibrant enough to attract kids and keep the entertainment quotient high but also simple at the same time. You will not find any overkill in graphics of the game.
  • Multiple Options of Colors: There are multiple options of colors to choose from for painting nails. These options make the game interesting for little girls who are always excited about how different colors will look on their nails.
  • Smooth Game Play: The game is really easy to play and you can choose colors by clicking on them using the mouse. An arrow on the right side at the bottom of the screen can be used for taking the game to next step. A kid will not face any difficulty while playing the game.

What’s Bad About Nails Makeover?

  • Lack of Instructions: There are no written instructions in the game as to how to proceed to next stage of the game. This can be annoying for those who are not used to online games.
  • No option to Play in Full Screen: You can’t play the game in full screen as there is no option available for it.

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