Happy Pancake Review
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Pancakes are supposed to be the most delicious breakfast item among children. Happy Pancake is one of the more exciting girl games that helps you make pancakes with a ticking clock on your head. While playing Happy Pancake, you get to use various ingredients to decorate your pancakes and make them exact replicas of the given pancakes in a short time. Dont forget to check our other NetEnt free spins slots games.

How to Play Happy Pancake?

Making pancakes aren’t that easy. It does involve some really tricky parts. In this game, you will be decorating some deliciously golden pancakes of different shapes and sizes. The game is divided into three different levels namely, easy, medium, and hard. The time to complete the task decreases with the difficulty level you choose to opt for. The happy and enthusiastic music of the game helps in keeping your hands moving fast, which would help you get a good score in the game. The quicker you dress the pancakes precisely like the pancake in the image right next to your pancake, the more points you gain.

Moreover, it’s not just about the speed. The accuracy plays an important role in this game too. Therefore, placement of each topping in the exact place gives you a remark on which your score will depend. So, you have to be both smart and fast to get some high points.

What’s Good About Happy Pancake?

  • Speed: The game helps you create good coordination of your eyes and hands which would ultimately increase your overall speed and concentration.
  • Creativity: In this game, you get to dress the pancakes with some topping combinations which influence you to try and make something new and creative for yourself too.
  • Fun: The game keeps the thrill constant in you with the running clock right in front of your eyes. It thus makes the game extremely exciting and enjoyable.
  • Competitive: The scores depend upon the accuracy, and thus low scores would keep up your spirit high to compete again for a higher score and more accuracy.
  • Development: Playing this game would ultimately result in developing your personality by enhancing your coordination, speed, concentration etc.

What’s Bad About Happy Pancake?

  • Abrupt: The game starts abruptly without guiding the player even to the first step. It does not show any sign or instruction of what is to be done now.
  • Malfunctioning: If you pause the game in between and then resume or go back to the main menu and start again, your mouse would disappear behind the screen which can be fixed only by refreshing the page and starting all over again.
  • Recurring: The game does not involve anything new. On every level, you get to do the exact same task just at a faster pace.

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