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Good Night Kiss Review

Romance with fashion is a perfect combination for girls, as girls are not only about being cute and simple. There has to be a little dress-up, a little passion and a lot of love. Every girl dreams of a prince charming. What if she is given a chance of going on a date with the prince and then kissing him? Well, a girl will definitely feel excited about that, isn’t it? If this also excites you, then you will surely enjoy the game. Dive in the romance of this amazing game “Good Night Kiss”, where you can kiss the amazing guy who is dropping you off after a date. For something a little more adult check out the NetEnt No Deposit Bonus offers page.

How to Play Good Night Kiss?

Good Night Kiss takes inspiration from a real-life date. After a date, what is better than kissing your date and make a good night. It is definitely the best way to part. And you are supposed to do just that while playing this game.

Your objective is to kiss your date till the love meter at the bottom of the screen is full. You will be given different scenarios about the residence of the girl and you have to kiss your date without anyone else seeing you. There is a time limit to fill up the love meter, so be fast and sneak a long romantic kiss with your partner. Be prepared for the sprinkler alert!

Playing this game is very simple. You just have to click your mouse button and hold it to start kissing and release the button to stop kissing. There are also special events happening in the game which will give you a bonus.

As you fill up the love meter in your stipulated time, you will be promoted to an upper level where you get kiss even longer because the timer will increase. But with that, the chances of getting caught also go up.

Good Night KissWhat’s Good About Good Night Kiss?

  • Instructions: Every level has a set of instructions on what to do once the level starts. Though it is kind of redundant after the first level, you still get to know the background and scenario of the next level. Also, there is a tip given at the bottom of the instructions to inform you beforehand about the high scoring options.
  • Music: The music is good, quirky and there is also an option of turning it off in case you are not interested in the background sound.
  • Backdrops: The available backgrounds for every level are pretty realistic and nicely made. The graphics and animation are also up to the mark.
  • Alerts: The game has alerts for various scenarios where you get a chance to score maximum points fast. In every level, you will look forward to the alerts.

What’s Bad About Good Night Kiss?

  • Monotonous: After a while the game becomes boring. There is nothing else to do, no extra fun, no extra Doing the same thing in every level can be very boring for some players.
  • Fewer Levels: The game has only 4 levels. The game gets over in just about 8 minutes.
  • Advertisement: Every time you leave the screen, an ad pops up. It can be very irritating.

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