Garlic Pepper Shrimp
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Garlic Pepper Shrimp Review

For people whose hobby is cooking, this game gives a lot of satisfaction along with fun. And you can also steal a world famous recipe. A person who loves cooking will enjoy this game immensely. The ingredients and tools are all ready. You just have to follow the instructions to cook up a simple, fast and tasty meal.

How to Play Garlic Pepper Shrimp?

Playing this game is very easy – just use your mouse, follow Sara’s instructions and you are a winner! Cooking up a delicious meal is always very satisfying. And here even the recipe is given.

You have to select the utensils and tools you want to use, follow Sara’s instructions and make the Shrimp. The game isn’t confusing at all because it has all the tools and ingredients in a line on the top portion of the screen. You don’t have to find them from the kitchen. You just have to select the highlighted tool or ingredient and follow the arrows.

You get to chop the vegetables, crush the garlic in garlic crusher, mix everything in a bowl, cook and even plate your dish. In the end, when your dish is ready to serve, a beautiful girl is seen presenting your dish on a decorated table.

What’s Good About Garlic Pepper Shrimp?

  • Fast Recipe: By playing this game you get to know the recipe for a very tasty meal which you can make offline also. You get to learn a new dish.
  • Methods: The game lets you choose different knives and tools for different purposes which will help you offline also. You get to know which instrument is for what purpose and for doing something specific, what kind of dedicated tool you need for best taste.
  • Instructions: The game becomes pretty easy with the set of instructions, arrows and ingredients list on the screen. The scroll of ingredients gets highlighted when you have to select something. Thus you just have to click on it and start cooking.
  • Learning: The game allows you to learn something new along with providing entertainment. Playing it is not a time pass, it is in fact educational.
  • Scores: For completing the tasks and doing it before time, you get scores and even bonuses for the next level.

What’s Bad About Garlic Pepper Shrimp?

  • Levels: The game does have levels but they do not make any sense. It needs to follow the recipe and complete the dish. So the levels serve no purpose.
  • Pace: The game tends to become a little monotonous with all the continuous clicking. There is no scope for faster gaming and it might be a little boring for players who are avid cooks.
  • Options: The game lacks options like the selection of various tools from a list or designing the final look of the dish. Even the plating is simple and is to be done by adhering to the instructions. You cannot be creative.

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