Flower Pixie Girl Games
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Flower Pixie Review

Enter the world of your favorite cartoon movie character in Flower Pixie. The chirpy and cheeky Tinker Bell needs a haircut. Flower Pixie would help you do style her hair with some interesting magic portions and other styling gadgets. So, bring out the best of your creativity on one of the most fun girl games for free and give Tinker Bell the best hairstyle you could possibly think of.

How to Play Flower Pixie?

This is quite a different and new game that you would come across online. Here, you are the chief hairstylist of your all-time favorite animated movie superstar, Tinker Bell.

We’ve all seen Tinker Bell’s perfect blond hair tied up in a pretty bun with a beautiful green dress. But playing this game helps you change the cliché style and bring in more colors and glamour to her hair.

The game offers a huge number of color portions kept in little magic bottles which would color Tinker Bell’s hair. Not only this, you’ll also find a number of other magical styling products such as hair extender, curler, sparkler etc.

Apart from the hair styling, you can also change the color of the dress and the wings of Tinker Bell thus adding a new style and look to her character.

The magical music playing in the background also indulges you into the sparkling world of magic.

Flower Pixie Review

What’s Good About Flower Pixie?

  • Distinctive: The game is different and unusual and thus attracts a lot of attention of the players.
  • Character: The presence of Tinker Bell in the game makes it more involving for the girls as it is an all-time favorite character for them.
  • Pristine: The game is new and interesting. It keeps the girls occupied and manages to keep their interest in the game.
  • Learning: The game offers advanced features and gadgets to style the hair which helps the girls to understand and know the functioning of these gadgets and what they are used for.
  • Details: The little magical details added to each feature in the game are exceptional and appreciable. It makes the whole game even more interesting and beautiful.

What’s Bad About Flower Pixie?

  • Complex: The game is a little complex and thus hard to play in a first few tries.
  • Impatience: Due to the complexity, the gadgets don’t actually work the way a player wants them to. This can result in anger and impatience in the players.
  • Confusing: The options available in the game do not have any kind of description or labeling. So the player has to use them in order to know how it works.

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