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Cooking With Love Review

Cooking With Love, as the name suggests, is one of sweetest cooking games for girls. The two most favourite areas of interest for girls is cooking and dressing up. Cooking With Love allows you to experience the joy of playing both cooking and dress-up in one game itself. This particular feature makes it all the way different and fabulous from the rest of the netent games available online.

How to Play Cooking With Love?

The game is a perfect combination of a cooking game and a styling game with a little touch of romance in it. It talks about a girl called Bella who loves to make desserts for her husband.

So while playing the game, the player starts with an open stage whereas all the other stages are locked and will open once you complete the preceding stage.

In the game, you get to dress up Bella in a dress suitable for cooking at first, and then you help her collect all the necessary ingredients and utensils required to make muffins. The game then guides you through a step by step procedure of how to make a muffin by showing arrows on the ingredients to be put next. Also, you get to dress up Bella in a beautiful dress that she would wear while giving the muffins to her husband.

Throughout the game, you get to listen to joyful music that keeps you entertained and happy.

What’s Good About Cooking With Love?

  • Enjoyable: It is a fantastic dweller for girls to keep them involved and entertained in the activities of their interest.
  • Diverse: The combination of two activities most liked by girls makes this game different and more favourable.
  • Range: There’s a wide range of available dresses and styles of dresses for your model Bella to try on. This gives the player the space to choose and select one of her choices.
  • Simplicity: The game isn’t complex at all. It follows a simple series of steps to complete every level.
  • Music: The joyful background music in the game is adjustable and can be turned off or on as per your convenience.

What’s Bad About Cooking With Love?

  • Non-Competitive: Cooking with Love does not involve any kind of points or rewards for the players to compete with. This reduces the enthusiasm of the players and distracts their interest from the game.
  • Muffins Only: In the game, for the cooking part, the players just get to follow a few steps to make muffins There’s no variety or excitement in this part of the game. Also, the game hangs a little when it reaches this stage.
  • Short: The game is concise and ends once the muffins are served. There’s nothing new ahead for the players to come back for.

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