College Princess Review
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Enter the glamorous world of models, dresses, hair, and jewellery on this fantastic game called College princess. This popular game offers you to be the chief stylist of the award-winning models in the game. You can fulfil your fantasies of dressing up a model as per your choice by playing one of the most alluring online girl games. You might also like our review of Hotline Slot

How to Play College Princess

When asked about the most played game by the girls, dressing up outranked the rest. College princess is thus a game which gives you the chance to fulfil all your fantasies of being the boss stylist.

College princess is a game played similarly like the other dressing games. It provides you with some styles and dresses from which you can choose and make your model award ready.

The game has three sizzling models standing with an award in hand waiting for you to put the best get up on them. You can choose the hairstyle and colour of your choice, the jewellery, the dress, and the makeup from the top right corner of the game screen.

You need to mix and match all the accessories, makeup, and hair to create perfect coordination of colours with the shining golden award in the hand of your model. Your only aim is to make her look the top award-winning model.

Play College Princess

What’s Good About College Princess

  • Entertaining: The game involves a lot of entertainment for the players by providing bright and colourful set and products.
  • Variety: There are a lot of available options for the player to choose from. Each part of the game has its own subparts to give a wide range of makeover options to the player.
  • Experience: Playing this game allows the player to feel authoritative and in charge as the model is to be dressed according to their terms and conditions.
  • Familiarity: The game makes the player familiar with the glamorous fashion world. They get to accomplish their dream styles on a model which gives them immense happiness and satisfaction.

What’s Bad About College Princess

  • Restricted: The game is restricted to just dressing up only. Once your model is ready, there’s nothing else that follows.
  • Monotonous: The game provides the same set of clothes, jewellery, makeup and hair for all the three models. You’ve to choose from the same set of given options again and again.
  • No Progress: There are no reward structures or competitiveness in the game. There are no further levels to be played once the first level is cleared.

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