Beach Babes Review
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Beach Babes Game Review

Feel the refreshing vibes of the coastal area by playing the Beach Babes game. This sizzling game lets you make your model’s beach ready. Beach Babes allows you to dress them according to the fantasy that you’ve been holding so far in your thoughts of how you would look after dressing up on a beach. Its one of the great girl games.

How to Play Beach Babes?

While playing this game, you are required to make these scorching models perfectly ready for a sunbath near a beach. This game, unlike the rest of the games, provides you with a range of amazing swimwear and beachwear clothes for your models to try on.

You get three different sunbathing models. You can style them any way you want. You have options to your right as well as to your left, to click and select the type of hairstyle, sunglasses, skin colour, clothes, footwear, and scenery you want.

The whole set up of the game looks extremely attractive and beautiful with the glowing sand castle and the splashing sea water in the first scenery. Moreover, you have two available options for the background, the other one being a fresh and lively waterfall that would make your models looks even more sizzling.

The minor details added to bring liveliness in the game such as the splashing water or running waterfall and even the graceful blinking of the model’s eyes is appreciable.

Beach Babes Review

What’s Good About The Beach Babes Game?

  • Set Up: The whole outlook of the game is very attractive and lively which keeps the players involved in the game.
  • Different: It is different from the rest of the dressing games as the type of styling here is different. It’s more inclined towards summer and water friendly dresses including swimsuits and bikinis.
  • Models: In this game, you get to style not one but two beautiful models.
  • Options: Unlike most the Beach Babes game provides different wardrobe options for both the models. This makes the game more interesting for the players.
  • Scenery: The game gives you an option in the selection of the landscape You can choose either a beach with a small sand castle or a beautiful waterfall.

What’s Bad About The Beach Babes Game?

  • No Music: The Beach Babes game does not involve any kind of playback music or sound effects to keep the players entertained.
  • No Levels: The Beach Babes game is merely about dressing up and styling the models once. There’s nothing more to go
  • Unclear: The available options for styling the models are vague as they can only be seen by clicking on them. There’s no visual image of all the options together like in other game.

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Beach Babes Review
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Beach Babes Review
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