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Gambling is tinged with pink casino girl, at least in few parts of the world. Gambling which is one of the most widespread pastimes in our State is also affecting the female part, it’s proved through a survey taken at the end of 2015 says that 49% of female has registered to an online gambling site. An important growth that shows how the fair sex is able to stay on par with the trends, even in the field of entertainment.

This is revealed by a survey conducted by the Observatory of the Games and reported by t-mag, which has the results of the questions asked to a sample of thousand people between men and women whose age are between 25 and 65 years.

The surprise news is that career women are the people who are most interested in gambling: 40% of female players are managers or managers with the habit of betting in moments of pause. But for housewives the percentage range is 33%, who are usually approached to gambling by friends or husband, who are frequent users of online platforms such as 32Red, Lottomatica and all the legalized AAMS operators present in the network. Finally, in the last place comes the employees, or the users of the evening who get into gambling once returned home and maybe after they put their children to bed. The peak moments in which the greatest number of pink episodes occurs, are the weekend and the evenings of Wednesday and Thursday, coincidentally (but maybe not) in conjunction with the commitments of the championship and the football teams’ cup.

So, you may ask are women the new target for online casino companies? Probably yes. This is because online casinos are after going through the huge increase of women in casino games. Slot machines and blackjack are the favorite women casino games, it is because they allow you to make more bets in short period time. There has been a mssaive spike in the online casino list chasing women players. For this reason, many players rely on these two specialties even during breaks, the reason is at least one pair of hands can be played within a minute. The landing of blackjack is on the platforms based on HTML5 language, which are essential to ensure rapidity of action even on desktops and laptops. These platforms have graphically reconstructed atmospheres of the land casinos in detail, improving their gaming options and technical features, these are the factors that are very popular among female users.

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